Client Excerpts



- JOHN B. 84

I do believe in a Creator of this universe. We may be unique in this universe – how lucky can you get? I believe that there are realities around us of which we have no concrete proof, but it/they create happenings that defy chance. Ghislaline and I call them our Guardian Angels that seem to defy the probabilities of our games of chance and effect important events of our lives. At times we have eerie actual feelings of what will come up next. Ghisliane sometimes call me a Wiccan.

These feelings occur beyond the games of chance, and we feel we have been blessed with good “Karma”- though the means of achieving our good circumstances might be painful at the time. We still have made good choices to take advantage of our “luck.”

While I believe that people are basically good, there is no denying that true evil exists. Some people are socio-or psycho paths and should be removed from society for life. They are outlaws from society. I believe that what we make of ourselves is what we carry beyond this life. Forever is a long, long time to feel malicious or evil. Choose wisely.


Honesty, even though it may be tough at the time, is the best policy. People trust you and like you more than a liar. Besides, it’s hard to keep remembering lies, and people will find you, anyway.


If something goes wrong, find out what you could have done to make it right, in case it happens again. Then, GET OVER IT! Don’t let past mistakes eat at your enjoyment of today.

You are loved by many people. Love back, and let them know it and that you appreciate them.

Marry a person who appreciates who you are and who you CAN be. A spouse who holds you back and tries to possess you is not really able to love you.

Keep laughing! We are a far-from- perfect species, and humor helps us to realize our imperfections and humanity. Besides it’s fun.


That my spirit will be here and look after you always. If you hear your yourself saying “ I shouldn’t be doing this, or, “This looks a little dangerous to me” LISTEN TO IT. It may be me or just your own common sense -- - TRUST IT for your own safety. The old saying “Better safe than sorry” is true.


I love you and thank you for being in my life, and making my life so wonderful.

A Day with the Family

- Thersea C, 64

I’ll take Saturday, starting with the upstairs, everybody had their chores. I was quite young and I was ironing. I was the younger one and then Jeanine when she got old would take some of the chores. And I remember we had a lot of chickens and Saturday was the day we used to dress them. You’d have to dip them in the hot water and pluck them and after we were done that Dad would take over to finish and clean them.

Then we had eggs to deliver, we used to have a wagon we’d put our eggs in, and in the summer time we’d have cherries, and we’d go around. And then I do remember one particular Saturday afternoon Francis came over.

He used to love to come see Dad and just talk about things. And then we’d have the fruit man who would come in when Francis was there and he’d buy melons and fruit which we didn’t have too often and it was quite a celebration.

We’d send out for a quart of ice cream or something. Usually it was a long evening and sometimes people would come over.

I remember having picnics for all the neighbors and it would run into late at night. I remember being upstairs in our bedroom when they were all outside and you’d hear them talking and later they would all start singing. My memories of childhood were always warm and being loved.

Do I think about death? I do a little bit. I don’t think frightened is the word. The uncertainty of what’s beyond. Although, I feel quite sure we’ll be reunited with all our loved ones. I think when you speak of eternity it gives anyone pause to think about it because it’s a long, long time. Not knowing, the uncertainty of what’s waiting for you and knowing it’s eternal is……like I said before, believing that you’re going to be will all your loved ones is very comforting.

And meeting your maker…I hear that people who have died and come back, they all say it is very beautiful and there’s nothing to be frightened of. That’s what I try to remember.