Personal Histories, Family Histories, Memoirs


Whether your wish be that of a full biography, a memoir featuring a particular period of your life, or that of a family history which focuses on your heritage as well as your own life story. You can look forward to sensitive and professional attention throughout.  

Bringing your book to life, is a multi-step process of gathering information, interviewing, manuscript development, arranging for book design and finally publication.

Depending on the scope of the work, the process can take from weeks to months to complete. There is a free initial meeting to answer any questions you may have and to establish what your hopes are for the end product.

Pricing is determined by the scope of work and level of involvement by other professional entities.



If you wish to write your own life story, and find that you need some guidance, and support in doing so “As I Remember It” can provide you with that.

Whether you are just beginning to write of your journey and experiences or already deeply involved in the process, together we can make sure that your book is completed and what becomes all you had hoped it would be.



Small groups of six people gather to write and share their memoirs. Classes meet weekly for 2 hour, over a period of 6 weeks. The first hour generally consists of instructor led class discussion on the theme of the week.

In the last hour, participants share what they have written. Participants can expect to gain greater understanding of themselves as well as of others through the writing and sharing of their life story. Your completed work will be a wonderful legacy, when shared with your family, and with future generations.

Please call for more information.

Date of Next Classes: TBD


Legacy letters are an opportunity to share your wisdom through a beautiful written document A document that embodies your values, experiences, and hard earned life lessons. It conveys your hopes, blessings, forgiveness and gratitude to those you love.  

Legacy letters are a process and often difficult to complete on your own.  “As I Remember It” will help guide you through this life affirming process.

Several options are available.

Please call for more information.